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Virtual office support for your business or board.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a board of directors,

we can be of assistance to you.

About Virtual Assistants

We offer complete Business Office Management, assisting business owners with email, scheduling, billing and payroll. We also assist boards of directors with meeting schedules, creating board meeting packets, and recording minutes.

Our hybrid approach means that we work remotely, but we are available to attend meetings or to work together in person within The (219) Region of Northwest Indiana.

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Services & Strategies

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Office Management

Your personal office superheroes will manage email, stay on top of project updates, create documents and save you time on those important (but time-consuming) tasks.

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Hourly Support

One-on-one hourly support. Keep costs low by hiring someone remotely and skip the overhead. Full office support without paying employee benefits.

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Board Secretary

Organize meetings and agendas, build communication, prepare materials, record minutes, maintain documentation and inform board members.

Our short-term contracts give you the flexibility to end the relationship or for us to grow together as you get the most valuable asset in business: more time to focus on what matters most.

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40 hours a month with a short-term 4 MONTH contract.


65 hours a month with a 1 YEAR contract.


Office Manager

& Social Media Packages

35 hours a week, full-time Office Manager with a 4 MONTH or 1 YEAR contract.

$6700-$7000 monthly

15 - 30 hours a month with a short-term 4 MONTH contract.

$750 - $1500

Board Secretary


40 - 65 hours a month with a 4 MONTH or 1 YEAR contract.

$1800 - $2795

Hybrid Option Add-ons:

Board Meeting and Board Retreat In-person Attendance, 3 hour minimum.

$100/ hour

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Contact Us!

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(219) 241 - 1813

What You Can Expect

  1. Discovery Call
  2. Contract & Invoice
  3. Client Resources
  4. Kickoff Call

Virtual office support for your business or board.

Inbox & Scheduling

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Team Updates

Agenda Hand Lettering
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Social Media Marketing

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Event & Retreat Planning


Light Bookkeeping

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Book Travel & Expense Reporting

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